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 At St Anne’s we operate a Gift Aid scheme which is a way of making  the money that you give to the parish worth 25% more if you  pay  income tax.

 A few frequently asked questions are answered below.


 Gift Aid is a scheme used by charities and donors to reclaim tax on charitable giving.


 It means that if you are a taxpayer, the Diocese can reclaim tax for your parish on all your

 donations. It can cover all giving, whether by weekly or monthly offertory, irregular

 donations, or single one-off donations. We can reclaim tax on your donations at the basic

 rate equivalent, and as long as you have paid enough tax, at whatever the rate, then your

 giving is eligible.

 Overall for every £1 you give, your parish will receive an additional 25p from HMRC.

 The tax you pay can be Income Tax, (e.g., on earnings, dividends, bank interest etc.) or

 Capital Gains Tax. You should be paying at least the amount of tax during the tax year

 that the charity reclaims on your Gift Aid during that tax year. If you pay tax at the higher

 rate you will receive additional relief.



 You make a “Gift Aid declaration” to the Church (please ask Anne for a form to complete), the  Diocese

 can then reclaim for your parish the tax you have paid. There HAS to be a record of what you

 give, so we ask you either to use envelopes for cash, give by cheque or by standing order.

 The declaration will cover everything you give.


 It costs you absolutely nothing! You are giving to your parish anyway, this simply asks the

 Government to redirect to your parish some of the tax you have paid to them. Please also be

 assured that your donations are confidential.


 Simply ask your Parish Priest or Organiser to cancel your declaration. If you don’t, then you

 could be sent a bill by HMRC for any tax reclaimed by the Diocese that you have not paid. If,

 in future, you start paying sufficient tax again you can make a new declaration.


 If you have any queries, or require any further information, please contact your parish Gift Aid representative or Father Stamp


 St Anne’s is a very vibrant parish with lots of activities to suit  most tastes.

Since the extensive work on the church has been completed we  now have a  first class  community area at  the rear of the  church  where a lot of activities  now take place and where  better  to hold these  activities than  in the church  building.

Below is a of picture taken at the back of the church where the  Hyndburn Parishes Friendship  Group laid on a  “get together”  for  the older people of  Hyndburn - you should hear them  singing.


If you would like to advertise on our website at a very reasonable cost per annum to help with church funds please get in touch with Tony at and he will give you all the information that you need.