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 Children’s Liturgy Group

If you would like to advertise on our website at a very reasonable cost per annum to help with church funds please get in touch with Tony at and he will give you all the information that you need.

The Sunday Club is currently on hold due to the retirement of Michelle after many years of work with the children at 11am Mass for which we thank her immensely.

However Fr Stamp has approached a couple of people to take over from Michelle but is looking for more volunteers so that a rota can be made up and the same people are being relied on every week.

If you are interested please contact Fr. Stamp.

We cater for all children and explain the mass readings of the day in children's language.

This is helped by worksheets, puzzles, mazes, codes and colouring sheets. We also make displays for the boards in church.

The club meet in the Parish room – through the right hand side door in church. 

Children join the mass at the Offertory and parents and carers are welcome to stay with their child in the club.