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 The Story and History of                Saint Anne

The story and history of Saint Anne. Saint Anne  was  the  spouse of St. Joachim, and was chosen by  God to  be the  mother of Mary, His own blessed  Mother on  earth.

 They   were both of the royal  house of David,  and their  lives were wholly  occupied in prayer and  good works.

 One thing only  was wanting to their union  - they were  childless, and this was held as a bitter  misfortune among the  Jews. At length, when Anne  was an aged woman,  Mary  was born, the fruit rather  of grace than of  nature, and the  child more of God  than of man.  With the birth of Mary the  aged Anne  began a new  life: she watched her every  movement  with  reverent tenderness, and felt herself hourly  sanctified by the presence of her immaculate child.  But she  had vowed her daughter to God, to God  Mary  had  consecrated herself again, and to Him  Anne gave  her back.  Mary was three years old  when Anne and  Joachim led her  up the Temple  steps, saw her pass by  herself into the inner  sanctuary, and then saw her no  more. Thus was  Anne left  childless in her lone old age,  and  deprived of her purest  earthly joy just when she  needed it most. She humbly  adored the Divine Will,  and began again to watch and pray,  till God called  her  to unending rest with the Father and the  Spouse of  Mary in the home of Mary's Child.

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