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St Anne’s Ladies Group

St Anne’s Ladies

Our organisation was formed in 1982 – this makes us 33 years old this year. Previously there had been another organisation for women which was called The Wednesday Club, however this organisation ran into difficulties with numbers and unfortunately had to close down.

The Parish Priest, Fr Sheahan, decided that a ladies organisation was essential in a parish so he called a meeting of all ladies in the parish to try to establish another ladies organisation. From this meeting St Anne’s Ladies was formed. We meet on alternate Mondays, usually in the evening, although last year we decided that afternoon meetings were better in the winter months.

We are a social organisation – we have speakers, demonstrations and go out for meals. In the early days we used to book short holidays but we seem to have become too old for that in recent years! We also raise money, firstly to help our parish, but we have also raised money for the Hospice and McMillan nurses recently.

We are a completely informal group – no “Minutes of the Meeting” etc are taken. We are organised in different groups, usually depending on where we live. We have a Barnfield Group, a Baxenden Group, a Cobham Group and a Hollins Group and each of these groups organises a meeting in turn.

There are about 25 of us, mostly parishioners, but we have members from St Joseph’s parish, St Mary’s in Clayton le Moors, one member travels from Burnley and we also have non-Catholic members. We are a happy lot of ladies, our only complaint is that there should be more of us. So why not come along and join us you’ll be most welcome!!

Firstly if anybody would be interested in joining our group please in the first instance contact Tony Yates on 01254 387097 and he will pass on your details to the Ladies Group.


Meetings generally take place fortnightly at St Anne's Community Room at the back of Church. It is a very informal time to meet new friends and enjoy the several speakers..


At the moment we are collecting items such as food stuffs, knitting requests etc, school items such as books, pens and pencils for Mary's Meals.


The Group meet during the spring and summer months (should we ever have any) at evenings on a Monday. During the winter we meet during the afternoon.


At the end of each of the four seasons we go out for a meal to celebrate a happy few weeks that we have spent together.



All ladies of any parish or denomination are very, very welcome to our get together's and you will have a wonderful time."

If you would like to advertise on our website at a very reasonable cost per annum to help with church funds please get in touch with Tony at and he will give you all the information that you need.